Students Meditate to Cleveland Orchestra Music in Schools

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Living in a fast-paced, on-demand world can be stressful. Although many of us try to cope with the distractions, that can be particularly tough for children.   An Ohio-grown educational program, Mindful Music Moments, combines the music of the Cleveland Orchestra with meditative techniques to promote a sense of calm.

At Canterbury Elementary in Cleveland Heights, each morning at 9:00, students stop for a moment and listen to a few minutes of Cleveland Orchestra music. 

Although he prefers dance tunes, one of the third-graders, Chase, said there's something special about the classical music.

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Five Science-Backed Reasons Mindfulness Meditation Is Good for Your Health

 BY David C. Barnett and Mary Fecteau

Barnette, David C., and Mary Fecteau. “Students Meditate to Cleveland Orchestra Music in Schools.” Ideastream, 5 Mar. 2019, 

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“The testimonies of these kids say it all. I am moved every time I see children stop on purpose, breath in some sort of short practice, and then acknowledge the benefits of it... so good!!”