Students and Holiday Stress

An excerpt from Managing the Stress of the Holidays.

The Holidays are not a carefree and joyous time for all of our students. For some it means stressful situations with family or missing family, shortages of food, and lack of money meaning no presents under the tree. According to Ruby Payne, it is important to be sensitive to these realities for our students and refrain from asking questions or making assignments based upon the assumption that the holidays are a great, trouble-free time for all. What can you do to help prepare students who might experience stress during the Holidays?

Stick to Routines

Students thrive on routines. It’s o.k. to still have the party and the fun, just try to limit the amount of times that you are shifting from your regular routine. Remember, for the next couple of weeks students will have their regular school routines disrupted by fall and winter breaks.

Create Fun Moments

Create more opportunities for brain breaks, 1-3 minutes a couple different times throughout the day can be very powerful. 

Frequent check-ins with students

Try to spend extra time each day with these students just chatting and letting them know you care.  Offer them opportunities to see the counselor or school psychologist if they want some extra support. 

Share mindfulness and stress reduction techniques

Give students a “chill” pass that lets them take a break when needed.  Breathing exercises, stretching, and exercise opportunities can help reduce stress. 

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Managing the Stress of the Holidays


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I chose this article because although the holidays are the best times of the year for some us, for others it can be incredibly stressful. In the year 2020, I think a lot of us are feeling more holiday stress then normal, so it is important to be considerate of those who are struggling, and bring holiday cheer not through gifts, but through kindness and understanding.