Rachel’s Corner


I’m heading into the last week of being with the business I founded just over ten years ago.  I thought this would bring a mixed bag of feelings and emotions.  What I’m finding instead is a sense of – here we go! 

I’ve been focused on making sure the details and pieces I took such care in as I formed my business, receive the same love, time and attention as I make my exit.  It has caused me to go down a bit of memory lane, and as a result, I have a few main takeaways.  They will leave with me, and I’ll leave them with you as well.  

Let your conviction carry you

Notice what you feel convicted in and follow it.  This is exactly what carried me through the forming years of getting started.  Believe me, they weren’t easy ones!  However I had, and have, complete and total faith that I could serve in more meaningful ways, despite the obstacles before me.   Looking back I’ve surprised myself at what was overcome, and realize it was my conviction in finding a better way that drove me, and maybe even in a certain way, protected me.  

Engage with people who are smarter, brighter than and unique from you

My very best decisions in business were to put my shoulders back and ask people who I knew were “better” than me, to work for and with me.  This takes a bit of vulnerability, willingness and honestly, some confidence.  In doing so, I have hired and retained some of the most dynamic, bright and talented people to help guide, build and manage our business with innovative thinking and sound practices.  I’ve learned so much from them along the way, and most are still here today.

Expect the best from others

Have you ever been around someone that is always expecting you to blow it?  And, can you think of the people in your life that hold space for you to show up as your best?  Where and when do you shine the brightest?  Notice what expectations you have of people and adjust where needed.  Regardless of how challenging a relationship or situation may be, to hold space for people to show up with their goodness and possibility invites a higher, better outcome overall.  Most every tangible accomplishment in my life is because of people who held space for me to shine, inviting me to rise to the occasion. 

Adopt a daily practice, or grow deeper in the one you have

Take time each morning (or at least each day) to self-check your thoughts, words and actions, and to be aware if they reflect the integrity of who you see yourself to be.  Take an honest moral inventory for yourself, and set an intention to be show up better next time in areas where you may have fallen short.  Acknowledge the goodness that surrounds you and that is within you.  Simple things are easiest to work with – watching seasons run their course, noticing our breath that is always there, sharing a simple moment with someone you love, watching a sunset...  Practicing with these simple moments that each day offers builds our resilience and stabilizes our body and emotions.

In addition to these reflections, I wish you the best.  May you have peace, may you have good health, and may you be well.

With love and gratitude,