Mindful Challenges

Welcome to the Mindful Challenges category of our site. This section is reserved to invite you to join in Mindful Challenges that will help begin or grow your own mindfulness practice.

The practice itself is so important. We are all able to read and learn content, but it is through the practice that you gain true knowledge and experience the effects; you become able to offer a more grounded sense of awareness and greater presence in all that you do.

There is so much to be said about this! Here, we will practice together and present fun, doable challenges that help engage us further into this experience.

Mindful Challenge

Consider if you wish to begin a mindfulness practice and what you hope to gain from it. What challenges do you feel may be presented in getting started? Why do you feel it will be beneficial? Write this down for yourself and your reference. Leave comments for our team or your colleagues who also work in schools.