Integrating our own Wisdom

A blog post from Rachel’s Corner by Rachel Wixey

Each week, we curate content relative to mindfulness in classrooms. We set out to offer material from different perspectives that reflect ideas, thoughts, practices, social issues and more that are relevant to youth, adults working with youth, and of course, mindfulness is the underpinning.

“Today feels different.”

Today feels different. Just in the past week, the world has become different. I have heard many words to describe how people are feeling – uncertain, concerned, annoyed, hopeful, and that these times are crazy, and strange. My best friend checked in this morning and her word was – wild. Indeed, it is all of the above.

The past few mornings I have had to commit my entire meditation practice to clearing the way for my own internal wisdom to rise up. While this is part of the reason I practice each day, it now feels like the stakes are much higher when I set this intention. We have a barrage of information coming in, and coming in quickly. The updates, restrictions, guidance, life-changes and consequences, personally and collectively are a lot to absorb. What we are trying to intellectually take on is so much at once, and it’s hitting our nervous system faster than we can actually process and adeptly integrate. The information given to us is important, and we encourage everyone to follow the guidelines of course. Yet, there is more available to us; and this is what I mean by “clearing the way”.

“It is healing to honor our fear (concern, uncertainty, etc), examine how we relate to it, and release it even for a moment.”

We are able to regulate our nervous system and provide it some direct relief. It is healing to honor our fear (concern, uncertainty, etc), examine how we relate to it, and release it even for a moment. As we do, we open to the presence of what lies beneath the chaos. Through this, aspects of our wholeness are revealed to us and begin to truly nourish our well-being. What we find beneath all the disorder is our inherent wellness; that which beats our heart, pumps our blood, and makes us all the same. This is secure in each one of us – by whatever name you may call it. When we access this, our internal wisdom has room to rise, guiding us from our strength, integrity and our dignity during our most trying times.

The presence of love is within us, and around us, at all times. As we integrate our own internal wisdom to this whole experience, we open to the presence of our personal guidance, and deeper understanding that we may otherwise have missed altogether. May our practice help build our capacity to offer this love to others, and invite others to do the same. 

With love,