How to Incorporate the 5 Elements into Meditation Practice

An excerpt from How to Incorporate the 5 Elements into Meditation Practice by Rachelle Williams

Ayurveda recognizes five great elements, or pancha mahabhutas, representing the most important foundational aspects of nature and matter: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These natural elements are considered the building blocks of all material existence. Ayurveda also observes these same five elements within the human body and mind—as it exists in nature, it also exists within you. Everything in life is created with varying proportions of these five natural elements.

Here are a few of the qualities of each element:


Space or akasha, is the subtlest of the elements. It is expansive, empty, and has no resistance. It is the source of all matter and houses the space within which it exists. It allows for growth and change to take place. It is the space between your cells, your breath, and your thoughts. 


Air or vayu, is movable, changeable, light, dry, mobile, and dynamic. It represents the capacity for motion and gives flight to ideas or goals. Externally, it is seen as wind; internally, it is the movement of breath, circulation, and nerve impulses. 


Fire or tejas, is hot, light, intense, powerful, and transformative. Externally, we see it as the sun or fire; internally, it drives digestion and cognitive processes. 


Water or jala, is smooth, flowing, cool, and movable, and can be solid. It transports, connects, and provides protection and nourishment. Both your body and the planet are roughly 70 percent water.


Earth orprithvi, is heavy, solid, stable, constant, and rigid. It represents all solid matter and the structure of the universe. Earth gives form to the human body and to all of creation.

Take a moment to observe and you will begin to notice these qualities all around you. The more you shift your attention and explore the elements, the more you will be able to understand and relate to the entire universe. The best way to start connecting with the five elements is to meditate on their natures.

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How to Incorporate the 5 Elements into Meditation Practice

 BY Rachelle Williams

Williams, Rachelle. “How to Incorporate the 5 Elements into Meditation Practice.” The Chopra Center, 17 Oct. 2019,


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I enjoy this article because it offers another perspective on awareness and on practicing meditation. It is also a practical invitation to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things.