Enter the Trend of Mindfulness Challenges

An excerpt from DIY 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge by Krysta Shannon​​

A 30-day mindfulness challenge promotes the practice of daily activities that reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance and productivity, and increase happiness with a greater sense of peace, presence and overall well-being. Taking this challenge will also provide practical tools and strategies you can start using immediately to gain more focus and presence in your own life.

Set Your Mindfulness Goals

Take a holistic approach to your emotional needs and start building an awareness for yourself and the world around you. Mindfulness is a practice that can drastically change the way you think, feel and act.

Start by setting your goal for the next 30 days. Here’s how:


Identify what you want to achieve in the 30 days. This could be anything from more peace, a greater sense of presence in your day to day life – anything!


Visualize this goal, and encourage your brain to think differently and find new ways to achieve the desired results. For example, if your goal is to cultivate more gratitude, imagine what it would look and feel like to already have more gratitude in your life. For the best results, repeat this visualization every day for the next month.


Remind yourself why you decided to do the mindfulness challenge and why it is so important to you. Focus on that importance and use it as motivation!


Look at the bigger picture and visualize the next 30 days. Picture yourself overcoming any possible hurdles that might hinder your performance.


Imagine the finer details of your personal goal and what it will be like to achieve it (see #2).


Imagine the level of elevation you will feel after successfully focusing on your personal aspirations for a month and achieving your goals.


Gently bring your thoughts back to the present moment and take that good feeling with you into the rest of your day.

Completing your own 30-day mindfulness challenge will require discipline, commitment, focus and sacrifice. It won’t guarantee that you have a mindfulness habit for life, because you can fall out of good habits just as easily as you fall into bad ones. However, it will be a step in the right direction. So take the leap, start a 30-day mindfulness challenge, and enjoy the journey to connecting with your spirituality.

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DIY 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge


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I chose this article because lately I have been getting into setting schedules and goals for myself to keep me motivated throughout my quarantine. Now is the time to practice both self-motivation and mindfulness, so I enjoyed these helpful tips that combined the two.