5 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids

An excerpt from How Mindfulness Benefits a Growth Mindset by Alexandra Eidens

Practicing mindfulness techniques can help children change their mindset from a FIXED mindset to a GROWTH mindset.

First, mindfulness can help children feel empowered, so they can learn to try new things and take more risks.

Second, using mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and tensing and relaxing the muscles can help children overcome anxiety when they make mistakes.

Third, by promoting self-love and self-compassion, mindfulness activities can help children overcome negative self-talk.

Here are five simple mindfulness activities for kids to help them live in the present and focus on the positive using mindfulness.

Everyday acts can be turned into mindfulness exercises for kids. You and your child can be engaged in mindfulness in the midst of any ordinary activity, which, in essence, really makes it an extraordinary activity.

From walking outside and going on a safari, to shaking a glitter jar or tensing and relaxing muscles, there is no limit when it comes to practicing mindfulness.

You can even encourage your child to eat mindfully or read a book mindfully because any activity can be done with a mindful awareness.

The most important thing about mindfulness is being in the here and now — living your life and taking the time to enjoy the world around you.

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5 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids


BY Alexandra Eidens

Eidens, Alexandra. “5 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids.” Big Life Journal, 2021, biglifejournal.com/blogs/blog/5-fun-mindfulness-activities-children-breathing-exercises.

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Kids are high energy, so it can be difficult to give them calming activities. By making mindfulness into a fun game, kids can learn that being in the moment can be fun and enjoyable. It also gives kids a helpful tool for when they feel negative emotions, such as frustration.