4 Basic Elements of the Mindfulness Practice

An excerpt from 4 Basic Elements of the Mindfulness Practice by Aware Meditation App​​


Breathing is an essential aspect of one’s being. Yet, we take this activity for granted without realizing its effects on our body. Breathing is very important for us to efficiently conduct our day to day activities without giving up on the sense of well-being. It can help relieve stress and calm our minds. Though breathing seems to be an indispensable and a natural form of exercise, you need to understand and master the techniques to make the most of it towards not just being alive but feeling one


Body scanning is a special and unique opportunity for us to become mindful of our body. It allows the mind to become aware of hidden pain or discomfort in the body. It helps us to stay attuned to our physical needs and sensations. This is really helpful in taking better care of our bodies and make healthier decisions with sleep, food and exercise.


This means to become aware of your thoughts. Studies show that the brain uses 60% of energy to do simple activities, and this percentage increases when we try to focus really hard. 80 to 90% energy is consumed as we work each day. When we are so consumed by thinking on a daily basis, it becomes really hard to not let thoughts overpower us.

Thinking is the source of a problem. Negativity is the outcome of this source.

Wind Down

Living in the moment means to be present, in the now, feeling a deep connection with your mind and your body. This has to come with no distractions or negative emotions. That’s why we must wind down by asking your mind to be free. When we add breathing, body scanning and mindscaping, the mind has adapted( even if it’s only for 5 minutes) to let go of thoughts.

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4 Basic Elements of the Mindfulness Practice


Kiran, Ravi. “4 Basic Elements Of The Mindfulness Practice.” Aware, 12 May 2017, awaremeditationapp.com/4-basic-elements-of-the-mindfulness-practice-mindfulness-facts/.

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I chose this article becuase sometimes in my practices I get lost, unaware of what to focus on or do, but this gives me 4 simple steps on how to better refine my practice keep myself on track.